Timetable 2021

We offer a full range of Adult, Student and Child Tickets on our Dublin Service.
These include Single, Return, 10 Journey and Annual Tickets.

Single Tickets: These are self explanatory and cover a single journey to or from Dublin

Return Tickets: This ticket is valid for a return journey within a calendar month. Any ticket bought in August for example is valid until the end of August and will expire on the last day of August.

10 Journey Tickets: This ticket is valid for 10 Journeys in either direction. They are valid for the week in which they are purchased and the following 3 weeks for 10 Journeys. For Example: Any ticket bought during the week of September 11th - 15th 2017 is valid until Friday October 6th. These tickets are particularly useful for commuters who work split weeks.

Annual Travelsaver Tickets: This ticket is for commuters who wish to avail of the generous Tax savings available by purchasing your ticket on an Annual basis. Your Employer will pay for this and then deduct it from your wages throughout the year with the tax saving included and this can leave your ticket costing significantly less than buying on a weekly basis. To find out more ask your HR Manager to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call 0429669130

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Fares starting from Monday 13th September 2021. Download the fares and timetable PDF below:

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